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Whatever Spirituality = Spirituality? Whatever!

Years ago I listened to the new president of a church-founded college extol its virtues in terms of buildings, bodies, bucks, and spirituality. “We encourage spirituality,” said he. “We have support groups for Protestants, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, whatever”.

I knew that school enough to know that only those had a place at the table who subscribed to the credo of sloppy universalism. Any Protestant, Jew, Catholic, or Muslim bold enough to hold the historic tenets of their faith to be true was bullied into silence or found the welcome mat removed. Anti-dogma dogma excludes all but its own.

Whatever spirituality is twin sister to apathy. Judah was rich in whatever spirituality when Jeremiah delivered to her God’s death sentence. Highly religious, they had forgotten their most basic requirement – no other gods. They must not have been able to count, Jeremiah implied — the commandment said only one God and they had many. “What difference does it make what god we worship so long as we’re nice?”

Openness is overrated. Hosea’s prostitute-wife Gomer had it. No one could accuse her of narrow-mindedness. She loved her work so much she did it volunteer. Like Israel, she preferred “whatever ….” to the one God.

But the god of whatever did not preserve her, nor will it preserve us. Civility is a virtue, but openness to lies — a vice. Our hostility to the Holy Spirit is our openness to every other spirit. When we embrace the world, we embrace a whore that betrays us.

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  1. Love the line: “Civility is a virtue, but openness to lies is a vice.” Thanks for posting. Please continue to do so.

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