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Month: December 2013

Blessing Free

A sign of our times – to impugn duty as a motive compared to feelings. Grow up. Not everything can be fun. Those who exalt feeling over duty sacrifice virtue for pleasure and banish blessedness.  

No Post to Omega

Enough of this term post-Christian. Nothing follows Christ because he is the end as the beginning. He can go out of a nation, as we are now witnessing, but he cannot go out of the world so long as the world endures. If we are paying attention, we cannot doubt the triumph of the Kingdom – not because of our own efforts to haul God down to us, but because the sovereign Lord, in his own time and at his own initiative, has condescended to come to us. Ask the mountains whether God quits.    

A Little Theology of Little Worms

The world is but a carcass; thou art fed By it, but as a worm, that carcass bred; And why should’st thou, poor worm, consider more When this world will grow better than before, Than those thy fellow-worms do think upon That carcass’s last resurrection. Forget this world, and scarce think of it so, As of old clothes, cast off a year ago. To be thus stupid is alacrity; Men thus lethargic have best memory. (Donne)

Tare Control

“Cultivate to control weeds” says the seed pack. It’s a poor farmer who takes the parable of wheat and tares to mean never mind the weeds or who can’t tell the difference. “Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.” (Matthew 15:13)