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Thankless Soil and Stickers

Reared in Kansas, I have always been awed by those who stuck out the Dust Bowl – many of whom went six years or more without a crop, watching the basis of their livelihood blow away and choking on dirt. But they kept sowing their seed and hoping for better days. That is all we can do mindful that the harvest remains out of our hands. Jonah had the greatest results but was the least of the prophets. Elijah had the least but God honored him the greatest. Keep on.

Thy task may well seem over-hard

Who scatterest in a thankless soil

Thy Life as seed, with no reward

Save that which Duty gives to Toil….

Yet do thy work; it shall succeed

In thine or in another’s day;

And if denied the victor’s meed,

Thou shalt not lack the toiler’s pay.  (Whittier, The Voices)


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