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Rich Poverty

Jesus respected day laborers enough to use their example to rebuke the Pharisees for their spiteful attitude toward the Gentiles. (Matthew 20:1-16) “We have borne the burden of the day…” those hired first complained of those hired last, but paid the same. To make things worse, Jesus said those “last shall be first”.

Hopeful day laborers have become a common sight on S. Cooper St., in my old hometown of Arlington, Texas. Whatever rouses these men every day to withstand the sun, no place to sit but hot dirt, and all for the chance that some stranger might drive by and offer work? What are the chances?

That mixture of fidelity, courage, and hope born of desperation, Jesus admires. They are the “poor in Spirit”.  That rich poverty set my maternal grandfather on the road, in the 1930’s, chasing rumors of oilfield work, sleeping in flatbed trucks, and oilfield shacks, that he might earn something to send his five motherless children.

God honors those who put themselves out in fidelity and hope.

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