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Jail Songs and Happy Feet

“Do not let go of your confidence which carries a great reward.” (Hebrews 10:35)

Easy to say, but confidence is a slippery thing, it’s always trying to get away. Paul and Silas managed to hang onto it in the darkest part of the Philippian jail where the magistrates had confined them after a severe beating.  Their crime was attacking the lucrative soothsaying market.

They praised God until He shook the earth, knocked off their bonds, and threw open the prison doors. In this strange way the Spirit founded the only New Testament church that never gave Paul any grief. What an odd church growth scheme.

In Philippi Paul demonstrated what he told the Thessalonians to “rejoice always”. (1 Thessalonians 5:16)  The outcome proves it was more than just whistling in the dark.

We need jail songs.

Moses Paulose, in 1979, carried the gospel to the island of Rameswaram in southern India, where Hinduism was strong and Christianity despised. The Pauloses sold everything to invest in gospel crusades and set out from their home in Kerala, with two children, his wife eight months pregnant with their third child, and not yet knowing the Tamil language of the Rameswaram people. They went as Jesus sent the disciples, without money or change of clothes. They lived with the street people, without shelter or income. The Hindus, whose idolatry they attacked, responded viciously, Mrs. Paulose losing her front teeth in one such attack.

Today, Body of Christ Ministries has a large training center and has spawned hundreds of churches. They send their graduates out also without money or a change of clothes. But they all leave with a happy dance that they perform whenever they are persecuted.

Feet loose? Do the happy dance. Otherwise sing a jail song, like this one: . Continue till you feel a quake. The other prisoners are watching.

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