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Hull it Out

In light of the Supreme Court’s decision establishing gay “marriage”– I remain mindful of Wolfhart Pannenberg’s response to my question 23 years ago, “What’s a Christian minister to do in a situation where almost no one agrees that Jesus is the Truth?” With fist raised, “Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist!” was his answer. I get tired, but that is still the right answer. The Church has always gone forward in the midst of storms and temptations. Why should our day be any different? “Hull it out.”

“It is well with us, if we can ride out a storm at anchor; that is, lie still and expect, and surrender ourselves to God, and anchor in that confidence, till the storm blow over.

It is well for us if we can beat out a storm at sea, with boarding to and again; that is, maintain and preserve our present condition in Church, and State, though we increase not, that though we gain no way, yet we lose no way whilst the storm lasts.

It is well for us, if, though we be put to take in our sails, and to take down our masts, yet we can hull it out; that is, if in storms of contradiction, or persecution, the Church, or State, though they be put to accept worse conditions than before, and to depart with some of their outward splendor, be yet able to subsist and swim above water, and reserve itself for God’s farther glory, after the storm is past; only Christ could becalm the storm;

He is a good Christian that can ride out, or board out, or hull out a storm, that by industry, as long as he can, and by patience, when he can do no more, over-lives a storm, and does not forsake his ship for it, that is not scandalized with that State, nor that Church, of which he is a member, for those abuses that are in it.

The Ark is peace …” (Donne)

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      Thanks for the advice Mike. I will try to find out what that means and how to do that.

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