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A Kept People

Parroting bad news, in effect, sings Satan’s praises and sovereignty. Also, when we fight fire with fire by deploying distortions to score our opponents, we employ the Father of lies to fight lies. Of what value is a holiness that defends itself with lies? “The world was so much the world today, and is expected to be even more so tomorrow!” There you have the daily news. So now tell me something new. The world-that-lieth-in-wickedness is one word.

God’s sovereignty remains uncompromised. He “keeps his covenant to a thousand generations.” (Psalm 105:8) I count about 167 of those since Abraham, so we easily fall within that period.

Much later than Abraham, in a much darker time than ours, Jude addressed his short letter to those who were “being kept by Christ.” (Jude 1) That presumably is a powerful keeping.

The most radical action we can take is to place our soul in God’s keeping. Rabbi Samson Hirsch says of Psalm 145 that the rabbis had a tradition that anyone who recited that Psalm three times a day would not fail to attain God’s future. Those whose souls God keeps can “go out with confidence into the midst of a world opposed to them and complete their journey therein with joy.”

Whew! Only 833 generations to go!

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