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Signs of an Evil Peace

Putting asunder what God has joined;
Joining together what God has put asunder;
Like Christ and Satan;
Christ and anti-Christ;
Christ and the rebellious world;
Grace and license;
God’s approval and the godless’ approval;
No other gods and any other gods;
The Holy Spirit and any other spirit;
When the Church’s theological conviction can fit on the bumper sticker “whatever”;
A peace that fosters indifference where God has promised to punish indifference;
A peace that makes no distinction where God has commanded to make a distinction;
A peace that in the name of conscience fosters a stupefying of conscience;
A peace that fosters complacency to sin and false teaching in the name of love;
A peace that elicits these words from Jesus “the world cannot hate you”;
Fighting about things that don’t matter = fractiousness;
Unwilling to fight for things that matter;
A peace that keeps us from Paul’s peace at the end “I have fought the good fight…”
Dona nobis pax Christi
(Inspired by a sermon from John Donne)

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