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  1. Yes, it is vexing being over 60, not able to file SS and out of work for 7 months. Scores of job applications and not one reply. Even the unemployment that I have filed for has not arrived. But I am reminded of Joseph and Mary at this time of year. A thirteen girl accepting right off to carry Jesus. She knew of the scorn in first century small Jewish town. Then, 9 months pregnant and traveling…on a donkey. Then Joseph being told that his betrothed was pregnant…by the Holy Spirit? It must have been a very powerful dream. And then HE endured the scorn. Being told to take his pregnant wife on a journey, and the embarrassment of no place to stay. Then the both of them having to flee to Egypt. Oh, my shame, my complaints are folly! Praise God for His inestimable Gift.

    • rselleck rselleck

      Yes and amen.

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