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Month: January 2017

Out of Our Hands

“So we stand in our parched and barren present, looking forward with confidence to God’s redemption. . . Sure, because of the Spirit’s presence …Our destiny is no longer in our own hands but in God’s hands, who is all powerful, loving, and whose purpose is redemption … The presence of the Spirit shows what final confirmation will be … The fact that the future is in God’s hands where we neither placed it nor from which we can take it away, Paul understands to be the basis of confidence and joy, rather than of fear and pain… because we are in God’s hands, the kind of God who sent his own Son for us (Romans 5:6-10) all things will finally…

Complete Tolerance = Contempt

“No deeply religious man is satisfied with a universal tolerance of religion, partly because, if his convictions are profound, he is so keenly aware of the terrible mistakes, intellectually as well as practically, which can be made in the name of religion. The truly religious man knows that we cannot responsibly state a faith unless we claim that it is true, and that we cannot responsibly claim that it is true unless there is some means of disproving it…. Complete tolerance, therefore, is not a mark of respect, but rather a mark of contempt.” (Trueblood)

Gospel Wares

“[The word] will … not stoop to overcome resistance with bargain counter methods. Promoters’ successes are sham victories; their crowded churches and the breathlessness of their audiences have nothing in common with the word of God. Yes, indeed, the word of God has a particular message for every individual; it addresses men quite personally, quite directly. But when a man does not lend his ear to it of his own free choice, he shall not hear the word of God at all.” (Barth)

Watch How You Build

“Our grandfathers, after all, were right when they struggled so desperately in behalf of the truth that there is revelation in the Bible and not religion only, and when they would not allow facts to be turned upside down for them even by so pious and intelligent a man as Schleiermacher. And our fathers were right when they guarded warily against being drawn out upon the shaky scaffolding of religious self-expression.” (Barth)