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Out of Our Hands

“So we stand in our parched and barren present, looking forward with confidence to God’s redemption. . . Sure, because of the Spirit’s presence …Our destiny is no longer in our own hands but in God’s hands, who is all powerful, loving, and whose purpose is redemption … The presence of the Spirit shows what final confirmation will be … The fact that the future is in God’s hands where we neither placed it nor from which we can take it away, Paul understands to be the basis of confidence and joy, rather than of fear and pain… because we are in God’s hands, the kind of God who sent his own Son for us (Romans 5:6-10) all things will finally resolve into good. Apart from confidence in such a God … we would have no reason for optimism… Left to our own devices, we humans will again snatch evil from the jaws of goodness. No, our confidence is sure precisely because our future is not in our hands and does not depend on our faithfulness or ability to be true to God. Rather it lies in God’s hands. Redemption is the powerful act of a loving God … and part of that loving is not to allow us to botch it up.” (Elizabeth Achtemeier on Romans 8:28-30)

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  1. The only way to enjoy a sunset is to go and see one! We don?t have to work up a response to it, the response is drawn out of us as we watch it. This is a great image for our ministry.

  2. Barry Swan Barry Swan

    ‘…we humans will again snatch evil from the jaws of goodness…’
    Thinking of various US Presidents (not just the current one), Russia, China and Europe I think the above is apt. It is not usually or always the leader’s fault – it just seems to be the system and general human obtuseness.

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