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Category: Gratitude

The Little Thimgs [sic]

Email from distressed student: “I am umable to access Camvas – HELP. [Canvas is our online learning system] The letter before m (om the keyboard) is mot workimg so I am workimg om it the best I cam.” Our empathic response: “We mever kmow how much we meed these thimgs umtil they are gome.” Have you expressed your gratitude for the letter before m today? Just try doimg without it.

Getting Through

Psalm 29:10-11 tells us that “he Lord sitteth upon the flood” and that same Lord “will give strength to his people”. I had a student several years ago, who at graduation, after observing all the summa cum laude and magna cum laude graduates said she was an “Oh hep me lawdie” graduate. That’s the degree I have too.

Grace’s Supply

Counting mine, four generations of Sellecks have been Kansans. The prophet Isaiah’s great affirmations to Judah’s returning exiles have long resounded on the Great Plains. As a child, one of the brightest moments for me, in an otherwise austere small Quaker church existence, was when the Haviland Bible College choir visited us. They always marched in to a rousing rendition of “How Firm a Foundation”. It still moves me to think of it more than 50 years later. My great-great grandfather’s generation were among the first settlers of Emporia, Kansas. In 1912, one of those early settlers, M. (Kirkendall) Picket, reflected on the move to Emporia in 1862, 50 years earlier. They sold all their property in Van Buren County,…

The Grace of Letting Go

Not every Lazarus is a Prodigal and vice versa. The prodigal’s father let his son envy the pigs that he might save his life. Well meaning people kill and destroy when they take responsibility for others’ irresponsibility and treat all as victims.  To treat all sufferers as Lazarus robs the prodigals among them of the one thing they have left of value –  the chance to come to themselves.