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Category: Human Nature

Ya Feel Me?

“Why will you die, O Israel?” (Ezekiel 33:11) A young drug addict, with half of his skull blown away in a drug deal, was delivered to the emergency room where one of my students worked as a nurse. The doctor pronounced the man dead and the mother, with relief, readily signed the organ donation papers. My student took the body to prepare it for organ harvest. As he went about his work, he noticed the corpse wink. He called the doctor to come take another look. The doctor checked and concluded it was just involuntary movement – the man was dead. The nurse returned to his work. The corpse winked again. At this, the nurse said, “if you can hear me,…

Just Passing

“We are all conceived in close prison; in our mothers’ wombs, we are close prisoners all; when we are born, we are born but to the liberty of the house; prisoners still, though within larger walls: and then all our life is but a going out to the place of execution, to death. Now was there ever any man seen to sleep in the cart, between Newgate, and Tyburn? Between the prison, and the place of execution, does any man sleep? And we sleep all the way; from the womb to the grave. We are never thoroughly awake; but pass on with such dreams, and imaginations as these, “I may live as well, as another, and why should I die,…

Blessing Free

A sign of our times – to impugn duty as a motive compared to feelings. Grow up. Not everything can be fun. Those who exalt feeling over duty sacrifice virtue for pleasure and banish blessedness.  

God has Whose Hands?

“We are the only Jesus others may ever know” and “God has no hands but our hands” – these sayings imply that when I am strong Christ is strong. These are counsels of arrogance and despair — alternately.  If God has no hands but my hands, he’s in a heap of trouble. Paul, on the other hand, says, “I care no more for a righteousness of my own” and “when I am weak I am strong”. Paul’s view is all that can stand in the storms. Whatever we trust besides Christ will fail us.

True Uncertainties

“Arbeit macht frei” (work makes free) says the gate to Dachau concentration camp above. Does it?  These words greeted millions of Jews on their way to brutality and death.  What a parody of human efforts. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” mother taught us, but are they always?    John Cleese, as hotel manager Basil Faulty, in an episode of “Faulty Towers”, received a blow to the head that threw his thinking off, but not his physical ability.  The more diligently he managed his hotel the worse things got.  “Idle hands cannot do the devil’s work,” he mused as the physician and orderlies restrained him for his own good. God is not impressed by our great deeds because he can do great…