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Category: John Donne

Ex Nihilo

Darkness and chaos hinder God not at all. Of nothing he creates everything good. “He brought light out of darkness, not out of a lesser light; he can bring summer out of thy winter, though thou have no spring; though in the ways of fortune, or understanding, or conscience thou have been benighted until now, wintered and frozen, clouded and eclipsed, damped and benumbed, smothered and stupefied till now, God comes to thee, not as in the dawning of the day but as the sun at noon to illustrate all shadows, as the sheaves in harvest, to fill all penuries. All occasions invite his mercies, and all times his seasons.” (Donne, Christmas evening, 1624)

A Little Theology of Little Worms

The world is but a carcass; thou art fed By it, but as a worm, that carcass bred; And why should’st thou, poor worm, consider more When this world will grow better than before, Than those thy fellow-worms do think upon That carcass’s last resurrection. Forget this world, and scarce think of it so, As of old clothes, cast off a year ago. To be thus stupid is alacrity; Men thus lethargic have best memory. (Donne)

Dry Soul

Moist with one drop of Thy blood, my dry soul Shall – though she now be in extreme degree Too stony hard, and yet too fleshly – be Freed by that drop, from being starved, hard or foul, And life by this death abled shall control Death, whom Thy death slew; nor shall to me Fear of first or last death bring misery, If in thy life-book my name thou enroll. Flesh in that long sleep is not putrified, But made that there, of which, and for which it was; Nor can by other means be glorified. May then sin’s sleep and death soon from me pass, That waked from both, I again risen may Salute the last and everlasting…