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Category: Society

Upside of Outside

Wendell Berry writes about “movers” and “stickers”. I’m a sticker. But there is another side — “Because they have no changes, therefore they fear not God.” (Psalm 55:19) Changes keep us pilgrim-minded, and focused on our ultimate dependencies. They remind us that, “we have here no continuing city…” (Hebrew 13:14)

Anti-Social Society

Irony of the day — What divides society more than social media? What fosters worse anti-social tendencies than social media? What enables cowards to say the meanest things that they would never have the courage to say to someone’s face, like the unaccountability of social media?

Civics Lab

From Civil War general Wm. Tecumseh Sherman who saw America at its worst: “I have never been a politician, and therefore undervalue the excited feelings and opinions of present rulers, but I do think, if this people cannot execute a form of government like the present, that a worse one will result.” “I wish the Administration all success in its almost impossible task of governing this distracted and anarchical people.”

Leveling with Stupid

The Jerry Springerfication of our national politics tells as much about our depraved collective appetites as it does about the contestants. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes spoke of the “hydrostatic law of controversy”. As water seeks its own level, “controversy equalizes fools and wise men, and the fools all know it.” The higher level lies this way — “whatsoever things are excellent, set your mind on these things…”

Cut Flower Future

Wolfhart Pannenberg predicted the social fractures we now see thirty years ago when he announced that “Western society will not survive the entire emancipation of the self.” Godless secularism provides no integrative center for a society and no rationale for self-denial in the service of a higher good. Unhinged from the transcendent God, unbridled self-interest rules. What a fairy tale it is to think that we all can bow to that Molech and somehow magically an orderly and prosperous society will result. Such a people lack the equipment necessary for freedom and responsible citizenship. You cannot even get a healthy family that way. Experience will show us that a revived paganism is not the benign entity it portrays itself to…