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Category: Teachers

Blind Followers of Blind Guides

Commonly academics consider themselves too smart for the Gospel and despise the idea of blood atonement for sin against an offended God.  How things became so is tedious to tell, but the result is a blindness that cannot be helped among those who  think they see.  We remain responsible for who we follow.  “Let not mind be blinder by more light; nor faith by reason lose her sight.” (Donne)

Small Can be Great

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching is hearing from students down the road of life who, looking back, say they value what they received in the classroom. Having been blessed a few times this week that way, prompts me to think of my favorite teachers – the ones who had the most influence. I’ve had many good teachers, a few famous ones, that have benefited me very much. But, at the top of the list is someone you have never heard of – my fourth grade teacher, Miss McKenna. (I just learned yesterday that her first name was Florence. Children had no need for adult first names in those days of healthy subordination.) Miss McKenna’s fourth grade class…