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Category: Word of Man

It’s the Sensation

Sensationalism = “…a type of editorial bias in mass media in which events and topics in news stories and pieces are over-hyped to present biased impressions on events, which may cause a manipulation to the truth of a story.” Wikipedia Let him who is without this sin post the next “news” item on Facebook.

Woo the Strumpet

  Those who would save the Church through achieving popularity with the world “woo an aging and decayed strumpet.” (Donne) The status before God of the world’s religions is an important consideration and we dare not make light of it, but the matter comes down to this: the only salvation that the Church knows is salvation in the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is “no other name…” (Acts 4:12) Of the status before God of those who, through no fault of their own, have never had the opportunity to hear but have lived up to the best that they know, we remain agnostic. However, those who confound salvation in Christ with other salvations construct an evil peace by joining…