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Tag: Advent

The God Who Hides

I am tired of this lament, “Oh no, the Church is all old people … it is about to expire if we don’t get busy.” You are looking in the wrong direction. The Church descends from Abel, who always appears in this world as weak. It is not we who sustain the Church but the Church that sustains us. Our Lord is always victorious, though invisible in the vulnerable. Welcome Advent. Welcome the Lord who hides himself.

25 Reasons the Word Could Not Become Flesh Among Us

1. Wrong politics. 2. We wear robes, ride donkeys, deal in straw and mangers no more than once a year. The Word can become flesh only in distant times and places – not ordinary circumstances. 3. We have conflict – people get upset. Jesus never had that problem. Wherever He went, trouble stopped and people were nice. 4. We don’t have a large crowd. God likes a big crowd and will do anything to be popular. That’s why He hangs out with TV evangelists. 5. We don’t have enough money. Without purchasing power, what can God do? The devil, on the other hand, takes Mastercard. 6. We have too much money. We are not starving or naked. God only sympathizes…