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Curse Like a Christian

“Consider this, you who forget God, or I will tear you to pieces.” (Psalm 50:22) George Herbert (1593 – 1633), poet and priest, says in The Country Parson, “a pastor is the deputy of Christ, for the reducing of man to the obedience of God.” Blessing and cursing are part of the job. Neglect of God is never benign. God charges the parson to rebuke evil, though it provokes hatred, because hatred improves upon contempt. Herbert cites a formula from the prayer book for learning how to curse. I thought I was pretty familiar with that book, but had never come across that. On the hypothesis that namby pamby later Anglicans had removed it, I looked up the edition current in…

Blessing Free

A sign of our times – to impugn duty as a motive compared to feelings. Grow up. Not everything can be fun. Those who exalt feeling over duty sacrifice virtue for pleasure and banish blessedness.