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Tag: detachment

No is a Real Answer

When Jesus sent the disciples (Mt 10:1-14) he taught them how to take “no” for an answer, despite all its self-destroying consequences. Ties of blood, habit, familiarity, invested time, hopes, and labors, bind us. Still, no human tie can justify appeasing that “no”. Appeasement NEVER works. We cannot both tell the good news and respond to it for others. Jesus says to curse that “no”. To hang on is to sell our own soul for cheap. “Shake dust and go” is not advice, it’s command.

A Little Theology of Little Worms

The world is but a carcass; thou art fed By it, but as a worm, that carcass bred; And why should’st thou, poor worm, consider more When this world will grow better than before, Than those thy fellow-worms do think upon That carcass’s last resurrection. Forget this world, and scarce think of it so, As of old clothes, cast off a year ago. To be thus stupid is alacrity; Men thus lethargic have best memory. (Donne)

Relevant Irrelevancy

Bible Lecture North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers) September 2nd, 2007  It has been seven years since I last stood in this spot, and I have been thinking about the things that have happened during those seven years.  One thing is that this past year I turned fifty-six.  So, the government now officially recognizes me as a senior citizen.  Linda and I took a vacation this summer and I found myself for the first time ordering off the senior menu.  I wanted someone to ask to see my ID, but nobody did.  In fact, we went into one restaurant and we ordered the buffet.  The young woman behind the cash register looked at us and turned to yell at…