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Tag: every wind of doctrine

Every Wind

Protestants who lead with a wet finger in the wind, and Catholics who attack the secular power but apart from the secular power would not behave responsibly, these are the two great enemies of the Church’s credibility in our day. Add cheap grace to pulpit and pew and we begin to see it as a Holy Spirit miracle that windy doctrines have not blown the Church away without a trace. She endures not because of us, but in spite of us. Her one foundation we do not supply, only, at our best, we rest upon.

Get Up to Date

I once heard Wolfhart Pannenberg ask an audience of seminary students and professors, “Why is it that you Americans are always breathlessly chasing after every theological fad that comes along?” Why indeed? Without an anchor in the Eternal, we join those that Paul says are “blown about by every wind of doctrine”. Watch out for breathless leaders with a wet finger in the wind.  You are responsible for your following.