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Tag: Faith

Even When the Sparrow Falls

Jesus tells us to consider the birds of the air, how God feeds them and that not one falls to the ground without his notice (Matthew 7:26 and 10:29).  Yet, we cannot take Jesus to mean that because God notices, sparrows will not fall.  That would contradict plainly observable facts. Recently, I saw a robin build a nest in a tall hickory tree.  It seemed like a good choice – a strong tree, far out of range of our family cat.  A few days later, inexplicably, the nest lay on the ground, a freshly hatched robin nearby, and the mother robin vainly flying about, attentive to her offspring, but helpless to preserve its life.  The doomed fledgling, too weak to walk,…

Worship Like Hannah

What a difference one Hannah can make. Despite all the signs in Church, home, society, and her own flesh that proclaimed God’s absence, she cried out in faith. Her experience of absence gave rise to Samuel’s sense of God’s presence. Her barrenness bore Israel’s golden age.  If only we could worship like Hannah …

Annual Report

Annual statistical report – pastor Elijah – First Church Zarephath: Adults: One destitute pagan widow. Youth: Had one, but he died. Offering: Food item Miracles: Two