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Tag: God’s sovereignty

These Good Days

“Do not ask, Why were the old days better than these? The wise do not ask such questions.” (Eccles. 7:10) Every age has its challenges — did you really expect yours to be any different? Blame your luke-warmness and lack of faith at least as much as the times. As the Roman Empire entered its sunset, St. Augustine observed, “Every day with Christ is a good day.” “But he did not know MY days” you say? Really? “When the days are good, be happy. When the days are evil, remember this, God has made the one as the other that mankind might know nothing of the future.” (Eccles. 7:14) We do not know the when of Omega, but we know…

The Shadow of the Holy Spirit

God’s sovereignty is such that all things further his purposes. Acts 8:1–8 tells us how Saul “ravaged the Church” committing many to prison. But this only caused the Church to spread via the refugees that Saul produced. He was spreading the church even as a persecutor. One of those refugees, Philip, went to the despised Samaritans who “with one accord, paid attention.” Philip also evangelized the Ethiopian eunuch, from whom the Ethiopian Orthodox Church today traces its origins. What a blessed exile. The same Holy Spirit that had overshadowed Mary at the beginning, overshadowed the Church. Our darkness is the shadow of that same Holy Spirit.

Like Seed

“Dad, what does it feel like to be a milkweed seed?” six-year-old daughter Rachel asked me almost thirty years ago as we released the contents of several dry pods. Struck dumb at the time, “It must feel like entrusting our life to providence” —  I now answer.