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Show Him Your Eyes

Prayer is not difficult in at least one sense. After Lazarus died, Mary went to meet Jesus, bursting with sorrow. When Jesus saw her eyes “he was greatly moved” and he delivered her beyond all she could dare to ask or think or hope. (John 11:33) The widow of Nain also, “When the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her…” and he delivered her beyond all she could dare to ask or think or hope. (Luke 11:17) Show him your eyes. He knows how to read your eyes. His sight is never passive. Where his gaze falls, the dead rise.

Hope’s Coffins

“The coffin of every hope is the cradle of a new beginning.” (Florence Nightingale) God creates from nothing. He can recycle our disappointed hopes and discarded dreams. But we must surrender them this way: “I confess to Almighty God and you my brothers and sisters that I have sinned through my fault… in what I have failed to do…” God turns endings into new beginnings.

Died Still Climbing

The Christian story is not one watershed experience (or two for Wesleyans) (or three for some Pentecostals) followed by coasting downhill to the grave. Father Angelus Shaughnessy tells a story of the monks (inventors of the St. Bernard rescue dog) who guard the dangerous St. Bernard Pass through the Alps between Italy and Switzerland. The monks once discovered a traveler frozen in the snow with one leg raised as though still climbing. With no other identification, the monks buried him, with the epitaph “died still climbing.” Often I hear this term of dismissal applied to churches, “it was all old people,” as though old people are useless and expendable. (The mentality that terminates unwanted life in the womb, should be…

No Post to Omega

Enough of this term post-Christian. Nothing follows Christ because he is the end as the beginning. He can go out of a nation, as we are now witnessing, but he cannot go out of the world so long as the world endures. If we are paying attention, we cannot doubt the triumph of the Kingdom – not because of our own efforts to haul God down to us, but because the sovereign Lord, in his own time and at his own initiative, has condescended to come to us. Ask the mountains whether God quits.    

Thankless Soil and Stickers

Reared in Kansas, I have always been awed by those who stuck out the Dust Bowl – many of whom went six years or more without a crop, watching the basis of their livelihood blow away and choking on dirt. But they kept sowing their seed and hoping for better days. That is all we can do mindful that the harvest remains out of our hands. Jonah had the greatest results but was the least of the prophets. Elijah had the least but God honored him the greatest. Keep on. Thy task may well seem over-hard Who scatterest in a thankless soil Thy Life as seed, with no reward Save that which Duty gives to Toil…. Yet do thy work;…