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Tag: Prayer

Too Fast for the Spirit

As the Holy Spirit in scripture never wastes a syllable, I conclude that extempore prayer often outruns that Guide which is more slow and deliberate in pace. I would not know how to call on God if the Church did not teach me in its Psalms. God commands us to call on Him in our need and He gives us the words. Of what prayer can I be more confident of the outcome than the one He gives me? Who in their right mind would say, “No thanks – I prefer my own way”?

Show Him Your Eyes

Prayer is not difficult in at least one sense. After Lazarus died, Mary went to meet Jesus, bursting with sorrow. When Jesus saw her eyes “he was greatly moved” and he delivered her beyond all she could dare to ask or think or hope. (John 11:33) The widow of Nain also, “When the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her…” and he delivered her beyond all she could dare to ask or think or hope. (Luke 11:17) Show him your eyes. He knows how to read your eyes. His sight is never passive. Where his gaze falls, the dead rise.

Relevant Irrelevancy

Bible Lecture North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers) September 2nd, 2007  It has been seven years since I last stood in this spot, and I have been thinking about the things that have happened during those seven years.  One thing is that this past year I turned fifty-six.  So, the government now officially recognizes me as a senior citizen.  Linda and I took a vacation this summer and I found myself for the first time ordering off the senior menu.  I wanted someone to ask to see my ID, but nobody did.  In fact, we went into one restaurant and we ordered the buffet.  The young woman behind the cash register looked at us and turned to yell at…

Worship Like Hannah

What a difference one Hannah can make. Despite all the signs in Church, home, society, and her own flesh that proclaimed God’s absence, she cried out in faith. Her experience of absence gave rise to Samuel’s sense of God’s presence. Her barrenness bore Israel’s golden age.  If only we could worship like Hannah …