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Tag: trust

Getting Through

Psalm 29:10-11 tells us that “he Lord sitteth upon the flood” and that same Lord “will give strength to his people”. I had a student several years ago, who at graduation, after observing all the summa cum laude and magna cum laude graduates said she was an “Oh hep me lawdie” graduate. That’s the degree I have too.

Idle Trust’s Acts

Incarnate faith is practice. Conduct demonstrates allegiance. Despite uselessness in the world’s account, quiet reverence of Christ in the heart goes forward. One thing Jesus commended as necessary.

Like Seed

“Dad, what does it feel like to be a milkweed seed?” six-year-old daughter Rachel asked me almost thirty years ago as we released the contents of several dry pods. Struck dumb at the time, “It must feel like entrusting our life to providence” —  I now answer.

True Uncertainties

“Arbeit macht frei” (work makes free) says the gate to Dachau concentration camp above. Does it?  These words greeted millions of Jews on their way to brutality and death.  What a parody of human efforts. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” mother taught us, but are they always?    John Cleese, as hotel manager Basil Faulty, in an episode of “Faulty Towers”, received a blow to the head that threw his thinking off, but not his physical ability.  The more diligently he managed his hotel the worse things got.  “Idle hands cannot do the devil’s work,” he mused as the physician and orderlies restrained him for his own good. God is not impressed by our great deeds because he can do great…